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Coaching is a skill anyone can learn and one which we can all improve. This program offers basic coaching frameworks for internal employees to strengthen their coaching skills. Through lectures, case studies and experiential learning you’ll develop and fine-tune essential leadership coaching skills. Topics covered include how to use coaching for maximum performance and engagement, designing a coaching relationship , the role of assessments in coaching individuals and teams, and core principles and qualities to look for when hiring coaches for your company.

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Coaches, Leaders & Consultants Interviews

You can Create Your Best Year one day at time, one moment at a time. Hosted by executive leadership coach, consultant and trainer Clara Angelina Diaz Anderson. Where she interviews other coaches, leaders, consultants and amazing people from around the world sharing their tips to create their best year in life and work for themselves and others.

  • Multicultural coaches share their stories of how and why they became a Certified Coach,
  • What they do to create their best year, and how they help others do the same.
  • These coaches are part of The Certified Coaches Network in the ClaraFying coaches Institute which features a variety of coaches, doing their part to change the world one coaching session at a time.
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ClaraFying Coaching and Consulting Institute

ClaraFying Coaching and Consulting Institute

Established in 2018 ClaraFying Coaching and Consulting is a coaching, consulting, and leadership training firm on a mission to drive equity, inclusion, belonging and liberation through leadership development, facilitation and education.

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