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Our exceptional coaches and consultants are the pillars of our ClaraFying Coaching and Consulting Institute. Coming with diverse experiences and skills, they are all driven by the passion of transforming lives. They are the partners of your journey who are always ready for support and guidance. Living by excellence in coaching and consulting, our trainers ensure that leadership skills are inculcated by all. Explore their profiles below and notice their professional and intellectual aura:

Clara Angelina Diaz

Master Coach, Business Advisor, Speaker, Author

Clara Angelina Diaz-Anderson is the founder of ClaraFying Coaching and Consulting Institute where she leads BIPOC leaders and coaches to make significant impact personally, professionally and systemically. Through her Create Your Best Year Leader's Network, an emerging community of conscious women creating their best year in life and business, she offers bilingual executive coaching, coaching certification training, leadership development courses, business advising, DEIB consulting, speaking, workshops and facilitation.

Her mission is to empower leaders to be agents of change and co-create a world that embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and liberation. She is a selected member of the Forbes Magazine Coaches Council and is a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School.

She is originally from the Dominican Republic, is fully bilingual and live in Massachusetts with her husband and two children.


Victoria Downes

Veteran Entrepreneur, Holistic Business Growth Strategist, Certified NLP Coach, and Founder of the Brand to Profits Academy.

With a background in Marketing, Human Resources, and Project Management, Victoria leverages over 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to help her clients grow their brands profitably with intention and strategy.

She is also a mom and wife who has had to juggle the demands of motherhood while building her business in a world where black women entrepreneurs are the fastest-growing demographic but key resources needed for entrepreneurship are unevenly distributed, which is why she is committed to helping other CEO-Moms gain the clarity, confidence, and tools to achieve business success so that they can enjoy the freedom with their families without overwhelm and burnout.

She lives with her husband and 3 children in Boston, MA


Leona Martin

Career and Life Coaching

I am a motivated, dedicated, professional life and career coach working with clinical professionals.

Working with people who aspire to do great things is what I love to do. I have been successful with these five major programs as part of the help that I provide to my clients:

* Interviewing Skills That Get Results
* Building Networking Skills That Get You in Front of Hiring Managers
* How to Reinvent Yourself to Transition Into Your Next Job
* Career Goal Setting
* Salary Negotiation

Alba Cordero

Trauma Life Coach

My name is Alba Cordero Soto and I am the founder of Alba Soto TLC. I am a positive and resilient trauma survivor and I am dedicated to helping teen girls and single mothers who have suffered from sexual trauma.
As a certified trauma life coach, I help single mothers get unstuck by applying my unique principles of active healing. Through personal experience I have learned that " Without tools, Trauma Rules." And this is why I am paying it forward by sharing the tools that brought me from accepting people who took advantage of me to now only accepting healthy and reciprocal relationships. These tools facilitate active healing and help women find their voice and reclaim their power.
My vision is to create a community of resilient women and teens through my sisters' circle community, " Better TogetHER," a sacred space to connect with other like-spirited resilient women who are ready to move toward a life that is free of shame, guilt, and anger.


TiElla Grimes

The Inner Uplifter™ Transformational Coach

Helping womxn of color and young professional womxn navigate the hand-me-downs of their reality by inspiring & inn-powering them to transform their mindset & perception of self through critical thinking & self-analysis. Working from the lens of communication and connection to provide individuals with the real-world tools they need to actualize themselves and others.



Kae Rickets

Small Business and Career Strategy Coach

I'm Kae Ricketts...a Multifaceted mother, strategist, philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, and coach with a passion for leveraging synergies, who does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to life or business.

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs and professionals identify and action their goals through strategic coaching and consulting focused on the areas of business and personal development.


Michelle Micelli

Confidence, Resilience and Happiness

Michelle specializes in working with women and men who are ready to enact change in their lives but who may not feel confident in themselves, feel stuck, or who may lack the support and encouragement they need to move forward in positive, healthy ways. Michelle is there to help them make that next step, and to let them know they are not alone. Michelle believes in the power of play. She utilizes an approach that allows others to create a connection to a deeper sense of self through hand, heart, mind, and soul. This approach helps to build self-esteem, confidence and resilience which can lead to happiness. Michelle is skilled in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) based on the model developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn which is focused on evidence-based, non-sectarian research and Mindfulness for Performance and Focus modeled by George Mumford. She is a certified LEGO® Serious Play facilitator, is a participating facilitator for Alternatives to Violence Project in MA and RI. Michelle has 10 years of lived, personal experience in self-care and professional development to draw from in support of others.

Joselyn Sanz

Bilingual HR Professional | Certified Career Coach

My ten years of progressive HR experience extends to recruiting, performance management, immigration, organizational  development, and compensation. I'm passionate about building inclusive spaces and thrive in atmospheres taking action to be in alignment with their values.

Cristina Costa

Certified Career and Empowerment Coach | DEIB Consultant
[Organizational Inclusion]

With over 10 years of professional experience in various roles within the technology sector, from advertising operations to leading diversity and inclusion initiatives, I have been a part of groundbreaking efforts. As a founding member of the People of Color at HubSpot employee resource group (POCAH), I played a pivotal role in creating a supportive community. I've also developed strategic partnerships with Boston-based organizations promoting diversity in tech, such as G|Code, Resilient Coders, and Hack Diversity. Serving as Chief Marketing Officer for five years at Women With Purpose, I spearheaded the development of over 40 workshops and events, all aimed at advancing the careers of women of color. Fluent in English and Spanish, and conversational in Japanese and Portuguese, my three years of teaching and living abroad in Mexico, Japan, and Spain have reinforced the importance of cultural awareness and diverse perspectives.

LeTasha Howe

Executive Coach | Holistic Life & Wellness Coach at LeTasha

I coach busy professionals by teaching you how to transform every aspect of your life. Helping you find a balance between your health,  wellness, and career in a simple and easy way that isn't  verwhelming or complicated. By teaching you how to also be more emotionally balanced, grounded and mindful, I help you improve all areas of your life. This leads to long term results that will lead you to the ultimate weightloss body of your dreams, a healthier  lifestyle and a better emotional, mental and spiritual mindset. If you're ready to make the change  you've been desperately wanting to make, but you don't know where to  start, let me help you. I'll give you the
blueprint that you know you need, to get the life and body you deserve. 

Andrea Velazques

DE&| Champion | Bridge Gaps between Community and Organizations | Youth Life Coach

As a passionate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) champion, I  specialize in bridging gaps between communities and organizations. With a dedicated focus on fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities, I've played a pivotal role in creating supportive environments that embrace diversity. As a youth life coach, I am committed to guiding and empowering the next  eneration, helping them navigate life's challenges and unlock their full potential. Through my extensive  experience in DEI initiatives and community engagement, I strive to create meaningful connections that drive positive change and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.

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