Let's talk about money with the Financial Fitness Coach Kia Minor

Let's talk about money!

What are your ways of getting over the hesitation that one feels around dealing with our finances?

Kia Minor helps mainly female professionals really understand what it takes to own their own finances, how to be the drivers of their own financial world.

Also she works with people to help them shed the fear and the shame and the guilt around money.

Kia uses a Living Balance Sheet. And it separates your financial life into four different domains:

- You have your assets: things that you own

- Your liabilities, things that you owe

- You have your cash flow: that's all of the money decisions in your world, in and out.

- You have your protection: all of the ways that you're protected- insurance, wills, legal documents, etc, etc, etc.


The purpose is to build out every subsection in all four of those sections so that you're perfectly balanced and perfectly protected.


Enjoy this episode!

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