Are you taking the right steps to meet your financial goals?

Today we speak with Omama Y. Marzuq
Palestinian | Speaker | Agent | Muslim | Helping business owners and families grow and persevere their wealth

What is being an Humanitarian? Is having the intention to do good for people, making them shine!

In this episode we talk about:
- Thinking of your financial goals as a slow-cooked stew:
If you want to enjoy its delicious taste you have to be patient and wait and trust that in the end the mixture of flavors, meats and spices will be delicious. (being aware of what ingredients you have and what you want to work with)
And you just put it to cook and you come from time to time to move and check that everything is going well, but in between, you go on with your life, working on your things, while it is cooking.
- The important to get a support system
- The importance of believing that the higher force will always provide, you must go with FAITH along the way.

If you would like to contact Omama, this is her LinkedIn profile info:

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