Restoring the Power Back to Humanity

Rene Hamilton is an Entrepreneur and founder of Inner Soul Tech: https://innersoultech.com/

He is also Artist, Photographer, Teaches Quantum Metaphysical Psychology, is a Life Coach, Systems researcher and clairvoyant, with a unique ability to intuitively see into other people's mind patterns and emotional patterns, that cause destructive tendencies in their lives.

Born highly sensitive to energies... he has been able to fine-tune his clairvoyant abilities and spiritual connection with the Cosmic Source Mind and his higher self. Through much training, guidance, and understanding, he has developed what he calls “Quantum Vortex Field Effect Technology / OR / " Quantum Nano Vortex Technology” which he has applied to create many groundbreaking quantum nano vortex energy-based inventions.

 Rene has assisted thousands of souls & truth seekers, all over the world/universe who are looking for greater overstanding, for close to 30 years now! 

YouTube videos: @innersoultech

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