How Can Emotional Intelligence Transform Your Life?

"How Can Emotional Intelligence Transform Your Life? A Conversation with Kevin Ball"

In this podcast episode, Clara interviews a colleague and friend, Author and Expert in Residence at Harvard University School of Professional Development and Executive Education Kevin Ball. They discuss Kevin's book, "The Invisible Visible Us: See Ourselves as Others See You," which explores the practical use and impact of emotional intelligence in personal and professional life.

Kevin describes himself as an Earthling, emphasizing the connection to the planet's magnetic force. He shares insights about breaking down mental borders and barriers, highlighting the importance of perceiving ourselves in relation to how others see us. The conversation delves into the concept of emotional intelligence and its role in building sincere relationships, adapting to others, and enhancing collaboration.

The book introduces the "Think Visibly, EI ODA" model, merging emotional intelligence with the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) for effective decision-making and action. Kevin emphasizes the need to slow down in order to understand oneself and others, advocating for curiosity and deliberate interactions.

Towards the end, Kevin talks about his decision to resign from his corporate job for more freedom and happiness. He shares his plans for 2024, focusing on helping people, building relationships, and accumulating experiences, highlighting the liberating feeling of being a global citizen.

Overall, the episode explores the profound impact of emotional intelligence on personal growth, leadership, and collaboration, encouraging listeners to prioritize sincere relationships and curiosity in their interactions.

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