Leadership & Liberation Program:
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Become a transformative agent of change and transform culture through the conscious use of power as a leader, consultant or coach.


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 The world is evolving at a rapid speed. Your ability to lead in these conditions of technological advancements and global challenges requires more than your years of experience and position. It requires your capacity to be aware, understand, and champion the cultural transformation that is needed for all of us to thrive.  

We are called to operate from a different place and become a different type of leader. A leader who can: 

  • Balance individual goals and needs with those of the greater community
  • Build trust across differences, express empathy, and find common ground 
  • Guide their communities through systemic change and create sustainable systems of support
  • Be committed to life-long learning and personal evolution
  • Create brave spaces where inquiry and curiosity are celebrated

Do you have the tools & techniques to cultivate such leadership? 

Let us guide you on this journey.

  • This is for the leaders, consultants and coaches who want to inspire and activate systemic change in yourself, your community, and the world at large. 
  • This is for the community agents, change-makers and experts who know that true societal change starts with self, on a personal level, and are seeking professional support to truly make a difference.
  • This is for professionals ready to upskill their abilities with a unique liberatory lens while implementing a heart-centered approach when supporting their clients and teams.
  • This is for all individuals committed to personal and professional growth who are ready to emerge as the transformative leader they are meant to be.

Introducing the Leadership and Liberation Certification Program: 
Training and Certification

A highly curated program designed by a Harvard University Instructor based on her 20+ years of experience working closely with leaders from around the globe to teach you how to transform culture through the conscious use of power by deepening your competence in 2 key areas:

     - Coaching and leadership skills to inspire and activate systemic change in yourself, your community, and the world at large.

     - Theories, tools and techniques needed to be competent as a liberatory transformative coach.

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We are Committed to Elevating your Skillset

Inside the Leadership and Liberatory Certification Program we provide you with unparalleled support, best practices and interdisciplinary tools so that you can focus on your growth, both professionally and personally.

The philosophy and methodology of the Leadership and Liberation program is guided by a simple but powerful principle: theory should be put to practice. 

We strongly believe that in order to become the best at what you are, commitment and practice is key. That’s why each of the six modules follow the same methodology:

Theory → Demonstration → Practice → Integration

We are now taking applications for our next cohort

Becoming a Certified Leadership and Liberation Coach or Leader allows you to: 

  • Combine your previous experience with proven professional coaching tools to elevate your practice.
  • Develop a sophisticated use of coaching techniques to amplify your level of influence.
  • Carve your spot as the go-to expert in applying a Liberatory Lens to your Executive Coaching practice.


This is How the Program Works : 

When you enroll in our six-month program you get: 

  • A compelling curriculum designed to move you from thought to action. 
  • A cohort-community of selected peers and network for you to rely on.
  • Access to learning resources and proprietary methods created and curated by the founder of the program.
  • Individualized feedback (instructor-led and peer-led) when completing your tasks.
  • The opportunity to receive your brand new certification upon successful completion of assessments. 

We are now taking applications for our next cohort

Take a look at your path inside the curriculum

Our program is designed to provide unparalleled support, best practices, and interdisciplinary tools that will empower you to excel in your field.

Unlike other programs, we believe in the power of putting theory into practice. With our unique methodology, each of the six modules guides you through theory, demonstration, practice and integration so you can become the best version of yourself: the coach of the future.

Why Opt for Our Leadership & Liberation Certification Program?

  • Holistic Curriculum: Beyond conventional leadership and coaching methodologies ensuring you're equipped to coach for the 21st-century landscape.
  • Real-world Application: Step beyond theoretical knowledge with immersive case studies, simulations, and live coaching sessions.
  • Mentorship from the Best: Learn directly from our founder Clara Angelina Diaz, master certified coach and leading expert with decades of experience transforming organizations, clients and communities.
  • Interactive Learning Journey: Engage in dynamic group discussions, peer-coaching exercises, and reflective assignments designed to embed deep learning.
  • Expand Your Network: Join a community of progressive leaders, coaches, and consultants from diverse fields, catalyzing collaborative opportunities and partnerships.



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